Disposable Rain Ponchos (Family 6 Pack)

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  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Don’t let a sudden rain downpour ruin your camping weekend, Disney vacation, stadium sports game, or hiking excursion. Foxelli 6-PACK disposable rain ponchos will keep you and your crew dry and comfortable so you can continue to enjoy any outdoor activity, regardless of the weather forecast.
  • HEAVY DUTY PROTECTION: Made of 0.035mm extra thick PE plastic, Foxelli hooded rain ponchos offer the absolute best protection in heavy rain and winds. It’s premium quality, tear-resistant material allows ponchos to be reused when needed.
  • COMFORTABLE COVERAGE: Rain poncho’s long size - L 40” x W 50” – provides full coverage for adults, while our many color choices are fitting for both men and women. It’s wide and big enough to cover an anyone wearing a backpack, and will not restrict your movement while hiking, hunting, sight-seeing, and cheering on your favorite sports team.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONVENIENCE: Heavy rain coats take up too much space, and umbrellas break easily and don’t offer full body protection. Foxelli rain ponchos come in tiny 4” x 5.5” x 0.8” folded packs and weigh only 2.9 oz. Put it in your pants pocket, backpack or purse – it’s so light to carry, that you won’t even think about it until you need it.


Foxelli Disposable Rain Ponchos with Hood are the Best Alternative to Umbrellas and Raincoats!

  • Umbrellas only keep you partly dry, don’t work well in windy rainstorms, break easily, and are inconvenient to carry around.
  • Raincoats are heavy, bulky, uncomfortable, and restrict your movement.

Foxelli Rain Ponchos are the Ultimate Solution for Keeping You and Your Family Protected on Rainy Days Without Ruining Your Outdoor Fun!

Why choose Foxelli Rain Ponchos? 

  • Multipack includes 6 disposable hooded rain ponchos
  • Made of heavy duty, 0.035mm thick PE plastic
  • Ponchos can be reused when needed
  • Poncho size: L 40” x W 50” – fits any adult, even if wearing a backpack
  • 1 Pack size: 4” x 5.5” x 0.8” – fits in pocket, super easy to take anywhere
  • Lightweight, each poncho weighs only 2.9 oz – Comfortable to wear or carry, while allowing you to do any outdoor activity
  • Choose from Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow rain ponchos

Let it rain! With Foxelli rain ponchos, you can continue to enjoy hiking, camping, amusement parks, hunting, sporting events, and any other outdoor activity while you stay dry and comfortable.

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