IMPORTANT: Please note that this software update should be installed ONLY on our 14MP Oak's Eye Trail Cameras, and may cause issues if installed on our new 20 MP Foxelli Oak's Eye-2 Trail Cameras.

There are no new versions of the software for the Foxelli 20MP Trail Camera yet.

If you are not sure which model you have, please refer to the picture of 14MP Foxelli Oak's Eye Trail Camera below:

Please follow these instructions to update your Foxelli 14MP Trail Camera:

1. Download two *.bin files by clicking on the links below: 

Link 1: ISP_SD.bin

Link 2: Rom_Code_DL_1_YS_FOKELLI_v30419_a.bin

2. Copy these two *.bin files to a microSD card (32GB max).

3. Insert microSD card into the camera (the camera must be OFF!).

4. Press the SHOT button, hold it and simultaneously turn the Operating mode switch to SETUP position.

5. LCD screen will start blinking red - this means that software update is in progress.

6. Once the LCD screen stops blinking red (approx. in 5-10 sec), turn the camera OFF. Software update is complete.

Please note that all settings will return to default.


Current version: DL-1 30419a / April 2019

NOTE: Due to missing codecs, default Windows Media Player will not support playback of the .AVI video files. We recommend installing a free VLC Media Player (you can download it HERE), or any other free media player that supports the .AVI format.


In case of any questions please contact us at


We wish you many great pictures and videos!