Trail Cameras FAQ

Trail Camera

Q: I’m having problems with my videos! They are freezing-up / speeding-up / shorter than they are supposed to be, etc.

A: Sometimes default video players (like ''Windows Media Player'' or ''Apple QuickTime'') struggle a lot while playing AVI video files. Most of the time this is caused by the missing codecs on the computer. The best fix for this is to try using a different video player. We recommend installing ''VLC'', it is free and easy to use. However, there are much more choices out there, too many to count :) We are positive that it will fix the issue.
Please try this and let us know how it goes, you can even send us a video sample, we'll examine it and inform you if the camera indeed appears to be defective (which is a rarity in these cases, it is usually completely capable of recording the full video and it does, just the video player is not playing it properly). Our e-mail is!

Q: Camera is taking a lot of empty-pictures, nothing seems to be triggering it!

A: Your camera is probably picking up the movement from the tree branches or a tall grass on a windy day, this type of movement is registered too, so it's important not to place the camera too close to the trees. If you're getting a lot of these ''empty'' shots, try lowering the sensitivity of the motion sensor a bit, it should do the trick!

Q: The camera is making weird clicking noises when I'm trying to set it up!

A: It may sound alarming, however, it's important to know that the clicking noise that you’re hearing is completely normal. You are probably trying to set the camera up inside, hard shadows are dropping, the artificial room lighting is insufficient, therefore the camera is just rapidly switching between day and night modes. Once it's turned ''ON'' and placed somewhere - it will settle and stop doing that almost instantly.

Q: Why 8 batteries if the camera can work with 4?

A: Our trail cameras can operate with 4 batteries, however, we always recommend using all 8. When the batteries are low, the camera stops taking pictures at night or taking videos (to preserve power). Using 8 batteries prevents this from happening and assures that the camera performs just the way it should.

Q: Can I use an AC/DC power adapter?

A: As long as it's a DC power adapter of 6V / 1.5A with the DC connection type EIAJ-01, it should do the trick!

Q: Do you sell security boxes for your trail cameras?

A: Unfortunately, we do not.

Q: What is the temperature range in which the camera will function?

A: The operational temperature range of these cameras is -22F to 110F.

Q: How do I reformat the memory card inside the camera?

Simply set the camera's operational slider to a ''SETUP'' position, wait until your camera boots up and
click the ''MENU'' button. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the option called ''Format memory card'' (it is
almost at the very end, the 16th option). Once that is done, click the ''OK'' button. After that, a message
will pop up on the screen, stating that all the data on the memory card will be deleted. Select ''Yes'' and

click the ''OK'' button once again to confirm your selection. The memory card will be formatted. 

Q: Where do I find the software update files for my camera?

A: You can find the direct link newest software update files and a detailed walkthrough through the process on each model’s product page, under the unit’s description.